Swans by Windermere lakeside

Hubby and I went for a walk by Windermere lakeside this evening and met a couple of swans which literally came to check us out. It happened thus: I had seen a swan upending itself from afar and thought I would try to get a little closer to take a short video or photos of it dipping its head into the water and then returning itself to an upright position as it paddled on the water. It was as I was raising myself from a squatting position, having finished taking the shots, that I heard a voice greeting us. Turning around, we found the lovely friendly face of our previous minister’s wife, who, like us, was out walking her dog. She and her family were visiting the Lake District from their home in the south, and, as we hadn’t seen each other in ages, it was especially nice to see her again.

As we stood there chatting, I noticed the two swans which had been the subject of my photographic efforts turning the tables on us and slowly coming toward us to observe our exchange. I do not think they were best pleased with our little group as there were now two dogs and three people near their little corner of the Lake. They began to hiss at us.

Two swans on Windermere at close quarters to our little group.

Two swans on Windermere at close quarters to our little group.

Not to be intimidated, I moved closer to the Lake’s edge and began videoing the swans. They were very white and very big. As I squatted down on the sand again in order to take some low level shots of the birds, they seemed to me to be exchanging comments as both moved simultaneously closer and closer. Then the hissing became earnest.

I kept still; and eventually, the swans grew tired of observing this puny human looking silly all bunched up in a crouch on the gravelly shore. They could tell, I suppose, that I represented no threat after all. Again they seemed to communicate something between themselves, and then one turned away to paddle off. The other kept a gimlet eye on me for the next 60-90 seconds before following its friend. My show over, I stood upright and realised then how fortunate I had been that the swans had not decided to do more than hiss at yours truly.

Swans on Windermere.

Swans on Windermere.

If you come to Bowness-on-Windermere, you will not fail to see the swans by or on the Lake. People feed them and the swans are far from shy. Indeed, many would bask quite happily in the sun next to visitors as they too relax by the water. At present, there are rather a number of goslings on the Lake as well as other water fowl. Indeed, Bowness attracts many birds wintering by the Lake, so it is not unusual to see rather a number of avian species here.

Ducks sunbathe at Waterhead, Lake Windermere.

Ducks sunbathe at Waterhead, Lake Windermere.

Why not come for a short break or weekend to Bowness this Spring in April or May, and indulge in some restful minutes of bird-watching at the Lake? We have last minute DISCOUNTED breaks available including May Bank Holiday deals, so do take advantage of these offers.

sunset over Lake Windermere

Indulge in a romantic escape on Windermere. (Photo by Tony West of a sunset over Lake Windermere.)

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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