Visiting Prestwick

Hubby and I were in Prestwick last week visiting his parents. Normally, we would have gone up for the weekend, but this time it was to be a day visit. Time of departure from Blenheim Lodge should have been 8:30 am, and our arrival time had been estimated at 12:30 pm. Well, after the usual flapping of getting organised and ready, we left a little later at almost 9 am, but the roads were generally clear and we even managed to travel along some picturesque single carriageways, arriving in Prestwick at just about 12:30 pm. Not bad, eh?

Zack, of course, came with us. He always seems to know whenever we are intending to go out, and this time round, he must have climbed up and down the stairs at least six times simply trying to keep up with us as we got ready in the event that we might have forgotten him. Zack is now nine years of age – he turned nine at the end of April – but he has never not been anxious about being left behind. To tell the truth, since Maddi died, I have determined that we should always have Zack with us unless it is totally impossible to take him on a journey or to a particular place.

Prestwick beach, Scotland.

Prestwick beach, Scotland.

Hubby and I spent a pleasant afternoon with his parents and then it was time for Zack’s late afternoon constitutional. He had never been to the beach before, so off we headed to Prestwick beach, although we walked along the promenade rather than upon the sands. I had expected Zack to show some desire to head towards the beach itself, but he was quite happy to walk one way upon the promenade and the other way back to our vehicle on the grassy fields.

Walking along the Prestwick promenade with Zack. (5.5.16)

Walking along the Prestwick promenade with Zack. (5.5.16)

Walking back on the green towards the car with Zack.

Walking back on the green towards the car with Zack.

Walk completed, it was back to the house for a quick bite to eat before saying goodbye to Hubby’s folks and making our way back to Bowness. We reached Blenheim Lodge just after 9 pm, where our older boy was waiting for our return. (I think he was secretly concerned that we should arrive home safely – just as his parents would have been if he had been the one travelling forth – although I doubt he would have admitted it.) The journey home was as uneventful and easy as the ride out. Now, if only all car journeys were like that . . . .

Zack: 'I've had a good day, thank you.'

Zack: ‘I’ve had a good day, thank you.’

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