Hunting for a dog-mobile

Hubby and I must be crazy: we have spent the last 3-4 weeks hunting for a dog-mobile. That is what we have been doing every spare minute of the day – separately on our computers on the internet, and together when travelling out and about to check a few vehicles out. This year, my time outside of work in our B&B seems to be spent chasing after things to buy for the guest house, services to procure for my mother’s care, and now, we have a hunt on for a dog-mobile.

Why do we require a dog-mobile, one might well ask. Well, Zack, our beloved Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is now a venerable old man of 9.5 years. He has a spot or two or more of arthritis, is slower on his feet, and isn’t able to jump quite as easily into the boot of our 4X4 anymore. In fact, he is now hesitating every time he has to get into or out of the vehicle. We tried him on ramps and steps, but he wasn’t having anything to do with them. When we took him to the vet after he had hurt the soft tissue in one of his legs, she told us in no uncertain terms that he needed a vehicle with a lower tailgate to get in and out of as he might shatter the bones of his front legs if he were to land awkwardly whilst jumping out of the it. Thus did this frantic search for a dog-mobile begin!

Now, after driving many miles to view potential vehicles and trawling the internet until the early hours of the morning after work each day, we think we may have found the right vehicle for our precious canine. It is an imported MPV, and whilst the tailgate is still on the high side, the side doors are much lower and Zack should hopefully be able to hop into and out of the car without any difficulty. We will find out soon enough when we go to see it next week.

This is the vehicle we are going to view next week. We are very hopeful that we will like it and that it will suit all our needs.

This is the vehicle we are going to view next week. We are very hopeful that we will like it and that it will suit all our needs.

We hope that we will really like the car. It has not been an easy job trying to locate a car within our limited budget that has a low and flat entry point, a big space for a giant dog to lie down in, and the height to match. Zack is 41 inches high, and he loves standing or sitting up in the car. Most cars do not have high ceilings, but this MPV we are going to see should give us four inches of head height clearance for Zack. Fingers crossed!

Ah, what lengths we will go to for our beloved pets!

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