Looking for cases for an iPhone SE and a Macbook Air 13 inch

I have been spending lots of time lately looking for cases for my new iPhone SE and Macbook Air 13 inch. I am a ‘keep it nice’ type of person. I like things to always look and feel as good as new if possible, and am very careful about how I take care of things. My husband thinks that I am too precious about the way I look after things. I believe that I am just being careful. That is why I still have stuff from my childhood 50-odd years on!

Currently, I have an iPhone 5S which simply does not have enough memory; so my parents-in-law kindly sent me a cheque to purchase a new one – my new iPhone SE. At the same time, my husband’s computer broke down. And Hubby’s parents also sent him a cheque towards a new computer which I am actually going to use instead as he has decided that he will use my current one since he only uses the computer for browsing, not to work on!

So, the search is on for protective gear for both my iPhone and Hubby’s laptop. And, I wondered whether anyone reading this post might have any suggestions as to what I can seriously consider buying that would do and be all the following things:

A case for the iPhone SE:

  • not bulky but not thin like a skin either
  • clear case with a slim bumper if possible
  • clear case which does not turn colour nor fade
  • fits nicely ie not too tight so that it is difficult to get on or off and not saggy around any areas of the phone
  • does not scratch the phone or cause the phone to become scratched because it lets in particles of dust or grit
  • has drop protection
  • a regular case, rather than a flip or wallet case or sleeve
  • not heavy
  • slim, lightweight and grippy in feel
  • ease of access to all openings and use of camera and buttons
  • The Gadgeo clear case with bumper I have on my current iPhone is no longer being sold, so I cannot get another one.

A shell case for the Macbook Air 13 inch, Model 1466:

  • not bulky but not thin like a skin either
  • clear or translucent case if possible
  • a case that does not turn colour nor fade
  • shell case, rather than a sleeve
  • well-built – not flimsy – with drop protection
  • fits nicely ie not too tight so that it is difficult to get on or off
  • slim, lightweight and, if possible, grippy in feel
  • ease of access to all ports
  • preference for venting not to be the large horizontal vents found at the bottom of some cases as these could become dust traps
  • My current Macbook Air 13 inch has been protected in a translucent Speck Case since I got it 3.5 years ago, but bits of the case have broken off!

Plus, I need to buy the following:

A glass screen protector for the iPhone SE:

  • not thick, but also not brittle
  • easy glide when using the phone
  • covers the phone well and precision-cut to curve the way the phone curves
  • has the same cutouts as the screen, including where the home button is
  • it would be nice if the edges of the screen were bevelled, particularly where the home button is
  • protective, ultra clear, easy to put on with no bubbles
  • does not crack when putting on nor crack easily thereafter
  • adheres securely to the phone i.e. the screen does not lose adhesion and lift in any way unless I am actually removing it
  • oleophobic
  • The glass screen protector I have at present smudges easily so I need one that has an oleophobic coating that actually works!

A screen protector for the Macbook Air 13 inch:

  • ultra clear screen cover to protect the screen from dirt or marks
  • easy to put on and remains on without peeling
  • easy-clean material
  • The model of Moshi screen protector I have at present is no longer being sold. At least, I cannot see it for sale in the UK. It is really good, and I wish the company would sell it in the UK again.

Can anyone make any suggestions? If you use any of these products, would you advise someone else to buy them too? Any tips would be great!

Thanks for reading.

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