Social media and recent life at Blenheim Lodge

For some time now, I have been finding it very difficult to keep up with writing on this Blog. I blame it on the encroachment of other social media sites upon my life: namely, Facebook and Instagram. These were started by someone we hired to help us with social media for Blenheim Lodge Guest House, our Bed and Breakfast in Bowness on Windermere. Our intention had been to hire the person on a long term basis, but then the company he was working for decided he should stop working with us as we were their only client! Since then, I have done my bumbling best to sort out the two social media platforms for Blenheim Lodge. I am not certain that I have been all that successful!

Aside from Facebook and Instagram, we also have a Blog on our own website: I have been rather remiss there as well. Frankly, I simply haven’t had the time to do much more than looking after the guest house and our boys’ future over the past couple of years. As some mothers are wont to do – or perhaps I should say, ‘as I am wont to do’ – I have been helping my kids to look for suitable placements and jobs. The kids will graduate this year, and one of them has found a job (which I hope will be permanent) so there is only one other to look out for now. I think, as a mum, that sometimes I am more concerned for them than they are for themselves!

Anyhow, I found myself with some time today at 22:30 to type a post. I had been wanting to write something for ages and am really pleased that I currently have this window to do so. The breakfast tables have been set; the floors have been vacuumed; the dirty dishes have been done; the dog has been taken out for his evening walk. And now, having finally had a quick evening repast, I have found myself with a little time to write before going to bed.

This post really is an indulgence: I am writing it to keep in touch with readers on this site; but also to make me feel a little less guilty for not writing at all in ages! I have just helped our older son locate a place to stay at the other end of the country for his new job. Now, my energies will focus on the younger son’s search for a job i.e. I will continue searching for suitable posts to send to him so that he can apply for them. Of course, both boys have been looking for jobs on their own too; and, indeed, the job my older son was offered was one that he had found off his own bat. Nonetheless, I am what I am, and wish to assist my boys where I can. (Perhaps some mothers will be able to understand and sympathise with me?)

Soon, another chapter of my husband’s and my life will come to pass. Already, I can see the boys leaving home for work. How I wish this country were smaller at times like these! First, we missed them when they went to boarding school for a few years of their life. Then, we missed them when they went to university and did their internships. Now, it is work. Being a mother is difficult, fulfilling and amazing all at the same time; but letting go is the hardest of all. Yet, also perhaps one of the most loving things to do. BUT it is HARD!

How I feel sometimes! Half asleep like Zack here – although he has no work to do and can sleep as much as he likes of course!



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