There’s a nip in the air!

November’s here and there is a nip in the air. I remember thinking in October that it was quite mild for the time of year. Then, November came along, and even the first weekend in November seemed mild. Now, however, that nip is making itself felt!

Beautiful Thirlmere at Armboth. Well, someone doesn’t need a coat to go out come rain or shine!

It’s that shivery feeling when one gets up in the morning. But it’s also that most wonderful optimism of hope for a lovely day out on the Lake District’s fells or lakes when one glances out of the window to see bright Autumn sunshine flooding one’s surroundings. Conversely, a clouded morning makes one feel so thankful for a warm home and hearth to enjoy. I like Autumn days; it is probably my favourite time of year.

This misty morning view of Lake Windermere and fells was snapped from The Coniston 4-poster room at Blenheim Lodge.

Autumn brings with it the most dazzling colours to be found in nature. I love the reds and golds, yellows and browns, burnished and polished by the elements of sun, wind and rain. Set these colours against backdrops of evergreens and Lakeland waters either turned pewter under grey skies in the wet or sparkling bright and deeply blue under warm Autumn sunshine, and there we have the moods of nature – so awesome, so whimsical, so captivating, both uplifting and sometimes depressing at any one time. Isn’t creation marvellous?

Drama on the water: an overcast Lake Windermere with heavy waves by Millerground, approximately a mile from Blenheim Lodge B&B, Bowness.

I try to look at the bright side of Autumn’s fickle vagaries. We experienced storms during the past two years leading to roof and interior damage which substantially bumped up our insurance costs! On the other hand, we also enjoyed lovely days out even when any sunshine was watery at best, with brooding skies above and steady raindrops beating down upon our heads as we wandered along footpaths soggy with rain and walked pathways beside stormy lakes and rushing rivers. But then the warming cast of Autumn sunlight threw out rays which lit one’s environs, the atmosphere, and all that there was therein: what a treat it was then to see sere red and yellow leaves suddenly glow deep red and golden as if from within, imparting with a last trump a pseudo life to that which were once vibrantly alive but now no more.

Water cascades between the gaps of ancient stones at Rydal Water amidst a carpet of Autumn leaves.

Autumn possesses its very own beauty, as much as the other three seasons of the year do. Perhaps I am intrinsically of a melancholy nature, although I sincerely doubt it! Nonetheless, Autumn has remained my favourite time of year all through the 32 years that I have now lived in the UK. Next comes Winter, then Spring and Summer. Most people on the other hand, seem to like it hot. As for me, bring on the nip of November! On the worst of days, it may be drumming rain outside. But on the loveliest of days, that sunshiny Autumn glow truly cannot be beaten!

Our surroundings at Brant Fell summit are all aglow in evening Autumn sunshine. Brant Fell summit is an enjoyable 40-minute walk from our doorstep at Blenheim Lodge, our Bowness Bed and Breakfast.

And if you are looking for an Autumn break in the Lakes, do come and share these moments with us at Blenheim Lodge B&B in Bowness. And perhaps take advantage of our Autumn deals? There are lots of things to see and do despite that nip in the air! We’d be delighted to welcome you.

Canoeing in November on Lake Windermere. I snapped this photo from our vehicle as Hubby drove slowly past.

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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