Hi there! I just discovered this page and saw that it is a page to tell you a little about myself. Well, I am a Singaporean married to a Scotsman with two grown boys. We have a giant dog that lives with us, a boy, Zack. He is our baby boy, even though he is 8.5 years now.

We used to live in Scotland until 11 years ago, when we moved to the Lake District in Cumbria, England. We had never worked in a B&B before or helped to run one. However, after much prayer, we decided that we would take the plunge and look for a guest house or self-catering place to manage. We did almost move up to Inverness-shire in Scotland to do self-catering, but the negotiations fell through, and we came to Cumbria instead. Basically, we did not want to be located any further than 3 hours’ travelling time from Edinburgh or Ayrshire, where we have family, so Cumbria is perfect.

We wanted to live in a rural or semi-rural location with easy access to amenities as we had young children and one dog at that time, Monty. Also, since I always reacted adversely to polluted air whilst living in Edinburgh because of the smog from traffic, I wanted to live somewhere where we could breathe fresh air. Neither my husband nor I wanted to listen to traffic or noisy crowds either throughout the day or night, so we decided to go for a place that would be quietly located but close to the centre of town.

Well, we found Blenheim Lodge, which is located at the top of a hill about a 2-minute walk to the centre of town and backed by woodlands. Blenheim Lodge was to be our home as well as our place of work. As the house is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac and nestles into the fells at the back, we do not get any noise from passing motor traffic or late night revellers leaving the pubs at night. The woodlands at the back of the house are perfect for me because the trees cleanse the air and I have not had any respiratory problems since moving to Blenheim Lodge.

The other thing we wanted was to find a house of character. We had always lived in old houses as we love their beautiful features. Blenheim Lodge fitted the bill. Unlike some older properties which have been modernised to death with the removal of all things period, Blenheim Lodge still retains its Victorian charm, including an inglenook in the dining room, cornices and a marble fireplace in the guest lounge, as well as other features. I love the quirky characteristics of each room, which differences I have made the most of when decorating and furnishing them.

The kids are grown now, and both are at university. Our beloved Monty is no longer with us, but we now have Maddi, which came to us after Monty passed away, and then Zack, about 4 months later. I am afraid Maddi was not happy to share her new domain (our home) with Zack, and vice versa, although Zack was the interloper. However, after a week of huffing and puffing and having to be socialised with each other by our contact from Scottish Pyrenean Mountain Dog Rescue at her kennels, they are now tolerably good friends, although they still prefer human company to their own doggy company. Update: Maddi left us bereft when she passed away in April 2014.

The recession over the last few years have hit us rather hard, so in this new year of 2013 we have decided to learn to put up our rooms for on-line booking. We had never done this before on our website, and until today I have had teething problems. In actual fact, we really do enjoy speaking to people when they phone to enquire about our place or email to find out more, and find it sad that this initial link is being lost through on-line booking. We have found that speaking with people over the phone gives us a good idea of what they require in terms of accommodation, and also enables both parties to begin developing a friendly relationship prior to their arrival.

I have always enjoyed writing and have three English degrees. Writing a blog seemed like a great way to reach out to people and to tell them about our B&B. Actually, I once wanted to be a columnist – one of those that writes about inconsequential things for the amusement of the masses. I still wish I could do this, as I think I would find it fun.

Well, so here you have it. A short precis about me in this ‘About’ page. Oh, one last thing, and not the least either – I am a Christian – not in the sense of simply ticking a box – but in my heart.

Steps leading up to Blenheim Lodge Guest House

We welcome you! The view of the entrance to Blenheim Lodge, our AA 4-star bed and breakfast guest house.

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

Visit our website: www.blenheim-lodge.com

Email: enquiries@blenheim-lodge.com

26 Responses to About

  1. Have just discovered your site. I love the Lake District and was there last year. When I go again I must remember to check your B & B out.

  2. blodge1 says:

    Thanks for your comment and likes. Great to hear that you enjoyed the Lakes. Do come and see us next time you are intending to visit the English Lakes.

  3. Joe Quatrone, Jr. says:

    Janz, I just read your “About” page for the first time. Your property is gorgeous!
    I wanted to let you know I added a quote by you in the last paragraph of my most recent post. I refer to you as my friend. Do you want me to call you Janz or leave as is? http://joequatronejr.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/does-jeremiah-2911-apply-today/

  4. blodge1 says:

    Hi Joe
    I am glad you liked Blenheim Lodge. We have put much effort and loving care into making it a home for us and a home away from home for our B&B guests who visit Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District. Perhaps one day you can come here to visit?
    God bless.

  5. Clowie says:

    I’ve added a link to your post “Have hair will travel” at the end of my post “From Hair to Eternity”.

  6. blodge1 says:

    Thanks, Clowie. Should I say ‘Here’s to hair?’

  7. Clowie says:

    That makes an excellent toast for anyone living with a Pyrenean Mountain Dog!

  8. Nafees says:

    welcome back 🙂

  9. blodge1 says:

    Thanks! I will probably have another stint of non-appearance when the music needs to be done, but it is nice to write again.

  10. limseemin says:

    Have just discovered your site. But really like it! Visit mine too! Don’t forget to follow. Haha 🙂

  11. blodge1 says:

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Glad you like it. I thought those little bunny booties looked really cute in one of your posts!

  12. srobonagd says:

    Hey there! I visited the lake district a couple of years ago, but only after having moved out of the UK for 7 yrs! I absolutely loved Cumbria, with the amazing scenery and friendly people which made our visit so amazing. And the highlight of it was, yes, staying at a B&B. I did love it! And, you’ve got some fantastic picture up! The next time I visit the Lake District, I’ll know which B&B to stop at first!!!

  13. blodge1 says:

    Nice to hear from you. Hope to see you soon!

  14. The photos exude charm

  15. blodge1 says:

    Thanks for coming by and reading my blog. Glad you like the photos.

  16. You’re welcome. Your B and B has so much character. If only I weren’t so far away.

  17. blodge1 says:

    Perhaps you will get to visit one day! You will find a warm welcome then.

  18. maijaharrington says:

    I just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading about you & your home. If you like dog stories, I have a blog where I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, Funny Tails: Adventures and Misadventures in Living with Pugs. It’s at http://www.maijaharrington.com. It’s a lighthearted look at 10 years of living with our 3 pugs plus the pugs we foster for Pug Rescue of North Carolina. People tell me it’s pretty funny, so stop by if you have time. I’d like your feedback as a writer, also.

  19. blodge1 says:

    Thank you for coming by my blog. I have been a little tardy with writing lately as I am suffering from a very sore shoulder.
    Great to hear that you foster dogs as we know how much they need our help!
    Best wishes.

  20. Rachel Tey says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Lovely to “meet” you and discover your wonderful site.

  21. blodge1 says:

    Hi Rachel
    I read your About page too. I am originally from Singapore and have always been interested in academic editing. What do you do in academic publishing? It is nice to come across someone else with similar interests.

  22. Rachel Tey says:

    I used to work as an editor at a local university press and am
    now based at a local think-tank. 🙂

  23. blodge1 says:

    Oh, I wish I could do more work in academic editing. I used to do this now and again when I lived in Edinburgh because I absolutely loved it, although the pay was pitiful. One of my postgraduate theses comprised a diplomatic edition of some of Lord Monboddo’s correspondence. I would have loved to publish it but didn’t know how to go about doing that.

  24. Rachel Tey says:

    How about u send me an email (contact@racheltey.com).. I’ll put u in touch with some ex colleagues at the press who may need freelance editors 😊

  25. blodge1 says:

    Hi Rachel
    Many thanks. I will email you.

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