Another year . . . another dog?

Hubby has gone and done it! He has basically dragged this family into re-homing another dog. I had wanted to wait, but a suitable dog, according to the Rescue, is available. So, Hubby is now set to have his wish fulfilled. As for me, once committed, always smitten!

Zack is now a golden oldie. He is a lot more laid back now as an older dog, but has become more picky with his food. At 11.5 years, he is still my darling boy, and very much occupies a huge chunk of my heart. Whisper it only: of the three Pyrenean Mountain Dogs we have given a home to, Zack is my all time favourite. I don’t know that another dog could ever take his special place. And he goes practically everywhere with us.

Posing on Brant Fell behind our Bowness B&B and enjoying the same Lake Windermere views we see from our guesthouse.

A bright and beautiful day on an outing to the village of Watendlath with Zack.

Our newest addition is coming to us on 9th February if all goes smoothly. He is a 1-year old blue Great Dane, and is taller than Zack. At this age, he is all skinny legs and large head, with a body that still needs to fill out. We went to meet him a week ago, and he came across as being biddable, friendly, and gentle. I hope I am correct and that he will be the same at home. More importantly, I hope that the two dogs will get along well and become good friends very quickly.

We have never owned a Great Dane before. So, to any Great Dane owners out there, please feel free to offer advice on how to care for them. I would be very glad to receive any tips!

This is Horatio, the Great Dane, at the Rescue where he currently resides.

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