Over the past few weeks, I have been singing this song both in my mind and out loud. I do not know why it came to mind, but sometimes the words and music of childhood and times gone by simply do! However, I had been thinking of someone with whom I had been in correspondence – a previous guest at Blenheim Lodge B&B – and whom I knew needed both encouragement and the knowledge that God is ever loving and present in her life. Perhaps, this was why this song, with words that anyone can understand, came to mind.


He can turn the tides
And calm the angry sea;
He alone decides
Who writes a symphony.

He lights every star
That makes our darkness bright;
He keeps watch all through
Each long and lonely night.

He still finds the time
To hear a child’s first prayer;
Saint or sinner call
And always find Him there.

Though it makes Him sad
To see the way we live,
He’ll always say
“I forgive.”

He can grant a wish
Or make a dream come true;
He can paint the clouds
And turn the gray to blue.

He alone knows where
To find a rainbow’s end;
He alone can see
What lies beyond the bend.

He can touch a tree
And turn the leaves to gold;
He knows every lie
That you and I have told.

Though it makes Him sad
To see the way we live,
He’ll always say
“I forgive.”

Don’t you think these lyrics by Pat Boone are just beautiful? They describe our Lord’s character – His love and His compassion for us; His understanding of how we are formed – only human (!) with all our inherent weaknesses – especially when compared to His greatness and omnipotence – and yet He stoops down to our level to scoop us up in His arms and hold us in love when we acknowledge our sins and says, “I forgive.”

Here is the link to the music on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XE166UllVI

I really hope that the beautiful music that accompanies these words and the lyrics themselves will be a blessing to all who listen to this song.


Gentle shot of child praying while her dog keeps her company. (Photo courtesy of http://www.vintageprintable.com.)


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